The best one depend of what you have to do with your horse. You need him to make some hiking with you or to face an obstacle, or for a training or the best one is for the courses. There are many options to treat a horse with the right saddle.

Choose the best saddles

The best saddles is the one that own you, and the second one is the best that own the horse because he had to support you. That is to say that you have to test it before buying it. No need to move your horse into a grocery, just take the best measure. If it is an adult one, he may need 1.70 m of carpet, because you first put a carpet before the saddle. You must know that we are in winter’s season, so choose the one that make him warm. Better to choose the one that get into his rein and don’t pass his waist. When you buy a new saddle, test it on a model nude and you will judge about the distance of the garrote to get clearer on two fingers heights. You have to feel that there is no pressing along the saddles. You can also choose the mark that you may choose the used french saddles that ensure you in every position and warranty the best quality.

Each activity’s saddle

For an obstacle training, you choose a leather flap and skirts. You can see the design is different and you are in your comfort to seat. For a dressage activity, you have the fender longer and the skirt is very long too, your seat had his cantle with a little horn and also we can find the seat jockey position. Better you choose a leather one because it is solid. If you want to hiking like a western because you like the winter’s area, then you choose the one that have more design. The saddle is larger and his fender is slim but long, the seat is large with his cantle binder and his horn, but the better one will see with another place to a back house and also many pockets.

You can also choose a female saddle that don’t picked up your buttocks. So make the differences and choose the right one.