We have all been there: we are halfway to a long trip on a beautiful day and our attention is turned more to his saddle uncomfortable than anything else. You should be enjoying the scenery or be moved by the freedom to be on your horse, but all you can think of is how uncomfortable your saddle is, the solution is quick and easy! Equitack A site that will solve your problem by finding a new saddle that is much better for you and your horse, and the benefits will surely outweigh the cost.

Find the saddle made for you

The choice of a saddle is very important because it conditions your pleasure to practice riding (if a saddle does not suit you, you will not be comfortable). You spend hours on it: the saddle is probably one of the most important elements for riding. Using a saddle that does not suit you can be a source of pain for you and your horse or even injury. It's something you do not want. The choice of the size of the saddle depends on both the build of the rider as well as that of the horse. The challenge is to guarantee the comfort of one and the other with a balanced saddle, ie which correctly places the center of gravity of the rider. Find the right seat for your needs on the site that is there to serve you.

The choice of saddle

Your discipline: It must be remembered at the beginning that you will not be able to practice intensively all the disciples with one saddle. Indeed, the saddles have characteristics that will allow you to obtain the best position and the best performance according to your discipline. These characteristics are more or less advanced depending on the model to meet the different expectations of riders induced by their level and type of riding practice. Obstacle saddles, at the obstacle, the rider will be mostly balanced on stirrups shod short, the leg in flexible flexion.