When you are looking for a saddle for your horse, you can be held back by the prices of these riding accessories. Indeed, the price of a new saddle can reach thousands of dollars. It all depends on the brand and the quality of the finished product. However, there is a solution if you want to take advantage of a brand name saddle at a reduced price: buy used saddles.

Used Saddles: Quality Products Reconditioned

The big names in saddlery, in order to reach a wider audience, have decided to refurbish their worn-out saddles in order to offer them at attractive prices. The materials in which riding saddles are made are durable and recyclable. These include leather and wood. Thanks to the savoir-faire of their craftsmen, they can bring these riding accessories up to date. These saddles still have many years of use in front of them.

In addition, these reconditioned products have information on its latest use. When you buy a used saddle, you will know which rider used it, on which horse and which type of riding discipline it was used.

Why invest in a used saddle?

Investing in a used saddle has several advantages. Here are some good reasons to buy a fine used saddle:

  • The price. This is probably the most interesting argument in used saddles. Indeed, investing in a new saddle can be excessively expensive, especially if you want to buy a top quality, branded accessories.
  • The quality. Used saddles are products reconditioned by experts according to rigorous processes. Most of the time, they are leather saddles that still have beautiful days ahead of them.
  • The brand. Yes, one of the reasons to invest in a used saddle is that it’s a way to buy a branded saddle at an attractive price. The saddles of the biggest brands such as CWD, Antares or Delgrange are accessories that are difficult to access and often reserved for professionals and require months of work and waiting. Opting for a used saddle therefore means quickly acquiring a quality saddle at a lower cost.